Chin augmentation surgically improves the size and shape of the chin by the placement of specialized surgical implants.

Chin augmentation may be appropriate to bring facial features into balance and proportion by enhancing a small or recessed chin. Chin implants may also be placed during a facelift to improve the appearance of the profile.

Incisions may be placed inside the mouth, or hidden in the crease beneath the chin. Generally outpatient, a chin augmentation is most commonly performed under local anesthesia with sedation and may require an overnight stay when combined with other procedures.

You may engage in light activity the day after your surgery. A return to more normal activity may take up to a week. Your appearance will gradually refine over the following 2-3 weeks.

Proper skincare and sun protection are essential during healing. While a chin implant can be removed if needed, the results following chin augmentation are generally permanent.

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