Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, surgically improves the features of the nose, including shape and length of the bridge, tip and nostrils, and may also treat septal deviation or other problems that impair breathing through the nose.

Rhinoplasty may be appropriate if you feel that your nose is too large or droops when you smile. Benefits following rhinoplasty include a natural appearance with your other facial features.

Generally outpatient, rhinoplasty is most commonly performed under general anesthesia and may require an overnight stay when combined with other procedures.

Recovery depends on the extent of your nose surgery, and any accompanying procedures. You may engage in light activity the day after your surgery; a return to more normal activity may take 1-2 weeks. The appearance of your nose will gradually refine over the following 4-6 weeks, although it may take a 6 to 12 months for your final shape.

Proper skincare and sun protection are essential during healing. Results from nose surgery are generally permanent, however the cartilage and soft tissue of your nose may move or change over time.

“Thank you for my new profile. I adore my new nose and my smooth forehead. Truly, you are a gifted and talented surgeon. I am glad you are my doctor. Thank you for your care and kindness.” Shannon